Our News Listeners and Classical Connoisseurs are Your Best Customers

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Cincinnati turns to 91.7 WVXU | 88.5 WMUB — the region’s NPR® news source, to connect with the issues of the day and the people of the world, and Classical 90.9 WGUC — a beacon for local arts and culture

WVXU | WMUB and Classical WGUC connect with a highly educated, influential, affluentcultural, and community‑minded audience totaling 250,000+ different people each week

91.7 WVXU | 88.5 WMUB
The Region’s NPR® News Source

An Expansive News Audience 

26% of news listening in Cincinnati

43% choose WVXU as their exclusive station

With only 33% duplication, the addition of WGUC to a WVXU campaign greatly expands reach


90.9 WGUC
Cincinnati’s Only Classical Music Station

A Unique Audience of Music Connoisseurs 

30% choose WGUC as their exclusive station

With only 19% duplication, the addition of WVXU to a WGUC campaign greatly expands reach


How Sponsorship Works

Your Cincinnati Public Radio representative will work with you to create a multiplatform campaign to engage your target


We create engaging and unique messaging based on your needs

Our highly engaged audience receives your messages in a clutter‑free environment

Our audience takes action to support your brand

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